Sheikh Hamoudi: development of domestic production puts concerned ministries and provinces in awkward position

The First Deputy Speaker sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi remarked that the development taking place in various local industrial companies puts concerned Ministries and provinces in an awkward position as they reject to deal with national product.

In a press statement delivered after his visit to Diyala Company for Electric Industries, Sheikh Hamoudi stated, that the concerned Ministries and provinces should encourage domestic production and cooperate with the government to get over the financial crisis that the country goes through. He called on the fourth estate and Iraqis to support national marketing campaigns and direct selling of local  productions.

The First Deputy called on the Speaker and the advisors in the premiere to follow up the implementation of the local industry support decision and find out the reasons that prevent them from dealing with the local product, pointing out that the national industrial companies began to give a lot of facilities, including payment on credit and extended warranty & maintenance contracts.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office


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