Sheikh Hamoudi: We will dismiss MPs who exceed the legal limitation of absencesSheikh Hamoudi: We will dismiss MPs who exceed the legal limitation of absences

The First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi remarked that the COR will dismiss the MPs whose absences have exceeded the legal limitation of absences, and stressed the necessity of complying with the COR’s rules of procedure. This came during his speech that was delivered at the seminar organized by the Media Directorate in cooperation with Madarik institution to discuss the performance report of the Council during the first legislative term-the second legislative year of the current session.

Sheikh Hamoudi stated, “The Council’s files and archives will be open to all media and NGOs to get the accurate information” and confirmed his support for the objective criticism that is based on facts and aims at improving the parliamentary performance away from abuse. ”

For his part, the Director of Madaik institution Mr. Saadoun Dhamad thanked the COR Presidency and particularly the first deputy Speaker of the Council for adopting this seminar and presenting Iraqi Parliament Monitor’s report to the media and inside the parliament building to highlight all the accurate information it contained “.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office


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