Sheikh Mohammed meets with the head of the Islamic Group to unify the visions about the new lineup of the government and the presence of Kurds in any cabinet reshuffle

Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammed, had a meeting in his office with the heads of Kurdish blocs and Head of the Islamic Group in Kurdistan, Ali Baber and his accompanying delegation, and discussed with him the unification of visions about the new lineup of the government and the importance of the active presence of the Kurds in any coming cabinet reshuffle.

Baber praised the role of representatives of the Kurds in the House of Representatives and the Federal Government in strengthening the Kurdish position in the political process. For his part, Sheikh Mohammed, discussed the fundamental and essential benefits of the participation of Kurds in government cabin stressing “We must preserve the rights of all races and groups of people, and taking into account the parliamentary system, the Constitution and the separation of powers, considering the 20% right of participation of the Kurds in all institutions of the Iraqi government.”

At the end of the meeting, participants stressed the importance of working towards unifying the visions and winning the Kurdish national rights within the government on the basis of partnership and maturity and refusal of injustice that took place toward the Kurds in the current government and previous governments.

Deputy Speaker Media Office


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