Sheikh Mohammed, in Women’s Day “We call on all political leaders and decision-makers to make way for women in the forefront of the next cabinet reshuffle.”

Aram Sheikh Mohammed, in a ceremony held in the Council on the occasion of the World Woman Day, stressed the importance and the need to provide support and assistance to women in the political process, especially in the next ministerial change. He praised the role of women in Iraq and in Kurdistan saying they deserve our respect and praise as they have struggled on par with the man and kept the family unit, has the traditional values and principles and contributed effectively in building of the society, noting that the woman has given meaning and beauty and value to human life.

Sheikh Mohammed expressed his deep regret and pain of what happened from the heinous crimes against the Yezidi women, and demanded the world and the international community to provide support and assistance to Iraq in order to liberate these women from the grip of ISIS. Sheikh Mohammad said, “We present a tribute to women in the annual international anniversary of Woman Day and we wish women successful and hopeful life in all societies of the world.”

Deputy Speaker Media Office


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