Sheikh Hamoudi calls for protecting calls to protect the local agricultural products being the basis of the country’s food security

In a statement at the sidelines of the 8th week of Agriculture Exhibition, the First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi called on the government to take care of the agriculture sector being the basis of the country’s food security and urged to protect agricultural products through the implementation of laws that protect the local product and the customs tariff.

During his tour in the exhibitions of state and private bodies, Sheikh Hamoudi expressed his regret for overlooking the development that takes place in the agricultural sector in terms of production, mechanization and researches, in addition to the projects carried out by the Ministries of Agriculture and Water Resources. He called on the state media to make people acquainted with the agricultural development taking place in the country.

For his part, the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Mahdi al-Qeisi expressed his appreciation for Sheikh Hamoudi’s support and continued attention in the agricultural sector which represent a real support for the future of the national food security.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office


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