Sheikh Mohammad: Liberating the city of Fallujah will pave the way for the recapture of Mosul

Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammad stressed his support for the armed forces, tribesmen and the volunteer fighters in Anbar province in the ongoing battles to liberate Fallujah and congratulated the Iraqis for the victories that have achieved. He also emphasized the necessity of saving civilians’ lives and enabling them to safely leave the conflict areas and providing them with immediate medical and humanitarian assistance.

Sheikh Mohammad added, “Liberating the city of Fallujah would be a devastating blow to ISIS’s position in the country and could pave the way for a final push to flush the terrorists out of the major city of Mosul”.

Deputy Speaker also highly appreciated the victories that have been achieved by the Peshmerga forces in al- Khazar area northwest of Mosul.

Deputy Speaker Media Office


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