Sheikh Mohammed: Repeated terrorist attacks on innocent civilians are dangerous and alarming and need a serious stand by the security officials in the state

Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammed strongly condemned the terrorist bombings which affected the provinces of Najaf, Baghdad which led to a number of killed and wounded expressing his sorrow for the continued terrorist attacks, “We have repeatedly said we should not leave the security ministries vacant and without the Minister because that causes damage to the security situation In this difficult stage and leads to the escalation of violence and terrorism against citizens.”
The speaker pointed out that the progress of the army and voluntary forces and Peshmerga forces in the liberation of Nineveh operations and achieving victories led to great pressure on the ISIS terrorists, and these terrorist groups are trying various ways to open internal fronts. He asserted the need to take action and measures for security by the security ministries and all military institutions to secure the home and maintain the security and stability of the situation.

Deputy Speaker Media Office


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