Sheikh Mohammed condemnes shooting of demonstrators in Khan Sur area of ​​ Sinjar district

The Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammed condemned the shooting of demonstrators yesterday in Khan Sur area of ​​the Sinjar district. He considered this blatant aggression against civilians a heinous act with no justification or pretext for the use of force and violence against demonstrators who took to the streets peaceful and demanded the political parties in Iraq and the Kurdistan region to resolve the crisis to prevent these dangerous developments of events.
Sheikh Mohammed, in his statement, stated that “the use of excessive force against defenseless demonstrators is a major crime and the perpetrators must be held accountable for and brought to the trial, and no political party should be able to violate the rights of citizens since the Constitution guaranteed the right to peaceful demonstration.”

The Deputy Speaker stressed that the suffering of our people in Sinjar continues, and that their wounds are still bleeding because of the crimes and atrocities of terrorists, so he requested to intensify the efforts for reconstruction and return of the Displaced instead of creating more crises for the people.
He also expressed his condolences to the families of the innocent victims of the demonstrations, especially the family of the martyr Nazee Nayef, and wished the wounded a speedy recovery.



Deputy Speaker Media Office


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