Sheikh Hamoudi calls to intensify the security by controlling the border crossings and asserts: Supporting the national products is the milestone of every patriot

During his meeting with the Minister of Interior, Sheikh Hamoudi calls for intensifying the security by controlling the border crossings and asserts: “Support for the national product is the milestone of every patriot, and opposing it puts itself subject to questioning and accusation”
Dr. Hamoudi, in a meeting with Interior Minister Mr. Qassim Araji, asked to intensify the security and take a firm role in regard to what is happening at the border crossings, stressing that “the lack of control costs us a lot.”
Sheikh Hamoudi discussed with Mr. Al-Araji methods to tighten procedures and control the entry of imported goods at the border crossings. He said, “The ISIS post-victory demands us to move towards an integrated and prosperous industrial future and economic partnership, expressing the readiness of the Council to cooperate with the Ministry to legislate laws that contribute to the achievement of security and stability throughout Iraq.
Dr. Hamoudi said that “the issue of supporting the national products has become the standard of every patriot, and who opposes to it puts themselves subject to questioning and accusation,” adding that “corruption in the ports is threatening the security and safety of the country and it is the most dangerous to people.”


The First Deputy Speaker Media Office

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