Sheikh Hamoudi warns of importing dates to Iraq as gifts from any country and calls for compliance with the law of agricultural quarantine

The First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi warns of importing of any kind of dates to Iraq as from any country, as there are fears expressed by agricultural experts of the transmission of the disease, “eggs” and the insect “Red Sousse” from neighboring countries dates which ​​threatens the cultivation of Iraqi palm trees.

Sheikh Hamoudi expressed his gratitude  to all those who send dates as gifts to Iraq, calling them to buy these dates from the local Iraqi market, stressing his keenness on the safety of Iraqi palms since they occupy the top of the national agricultural products.
Dr.  Hamoudi requested from the Secretariat General of the Prime Minister to abide by the law of quarantine, which does not allow the importation of dates, and to avoid making any exceptions for any party and under any status in order to protect the national agricultural products. He stressed the need to end cases of smuggling dates from neighboring countries that cause serious damage to the national production.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office


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