The Speaker: community peace is at the top of our priorities in the post ISIS phase

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri met on Monday a delegation of United States Institute of Peace in the presence of a representative of Network of Iraqi Facilitators.
During the meeting, they discussed the current situation in Iraq and the progress of the military operations launched in Mosul and the role of Iraq and the international community in these operations. They also discussed the need for bringing peace to Tal Afar and other liberated cities.
The Speaker remarked that achieving community peace is at the top of the COR’s priorities in the post ISIS phase, stressing the need for coordination between the citizens and the government to ensure building peace and stability in conflict-affected areas.
Concerning the parliament’s role, the Speaker remarked that the COR is responsible for providing peace and stability to the citizens through the adoption of legislations among them the community peace law that will be approved in coordination with the government.
For their part, the delegation members expressed their appreciation for the Speaker’s efforts in bringing the IDPs back to their liberated cities, emphasizing their readiness to provide all forms of support for the achievement of security and stability in the country after the liberation of areas that are under ISIS control.



The Speaker Media Office

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