Sheikh Hamoudi for the Maghribi delegation: Arab states should support us through “practical cooperation” not through slogans

During his meeting with the Meghribi parliamentary delegation participating in the works of the 136th of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Dr. Human Hamoudi remarked that the Arab states should support Iraq through genuine and serious cooperation to fight and to adopt all that would prevent the infiltration of terrorists to their countries.

He added, “The current stage requires the unification of Arab rows and positions, especially in international forums, not just through slogans”, stressing importance of the re-representation of the Moroccan diplomat in Iraq, and the opening of a direct air line between the two countries. The Maghribi delegation for their part lauded the great victories that Iraq has achieved against ISIS.

In a related context, MP Sadiq al-Rikabi representative of the Iraqi delegation said, during a meeting with the parliamentary delegation of Algerian in Dhaka, “There is an urgent for a real Arab cooperation to drain the intellectual sources of intellectual terrorism.


The First Deputy Speaker Media Office


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