The Speaker, US ambassador discuss Iraq’s pivotal role in remapping the region

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri met in his office on Sunday May, 14, 2017 the US ambassador to Iraq Mr. Douglas Silliman.
During the meeting, they discussed the latest security and political updates and the progress of the Mosul’s liberation operations. They also discussed Iraq’s need for military and humanitarian international support. The Speaker stressed the importance of continued international support for Iraq in its war against ISIS through joint coordination and exchanging of information. He noted, “Iraq plays pivotal role in remapping the region through prioritizing dialogue and trust building and full respect for the sovereignty of states thus ensuring the elimination of terrorist thought that is far from the teachings of the Islamic religion”.
He also stressed the importance of concerted international and local efforts to speed up the return of the displaced persons and the reconstruction of their areas in order to activate the project of community reconciliation for the post-ISIS phase, while at the same time praising the support of the United States of America to Iraq in its war against the terrorist organizations and in other fields.
For his part, Mr. Silliman praised the Speaker’s role in achieving stability and his support for the displaced people, as well as his ongoing efforts to achieve peaceful coexistence among the components of Iraqi society.
The Speaker Media Office

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