The Speaker: upcoming elections will be different from its predecessors and alliances will distance themselves from the sectarian dimension

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri said on Saturday that next year will be a decisive year in the lives of Iraqis and the beginning of a new phase. He pointed out that these elections will be different from previous ones and that a strong election commission will manage them.
He also expressed his belief in increasing the understanding between the center and the region after the results of the elections and the formation of the next government.
The Speaker remarked, “On the economic side, if the continued decline in oil prices is not remedied by a passing economic policy, we will enter a narrow tunnel of austerity and a large budget deficit.”
He also requested to take into account the balance in foreign relations and not to be dragged behind regional polarizations, or to respond to conflicting sides during the next phase, pointing out that this approach will benefit Iraq and the region and keep everyone away from conflict.
The Speaker Media Office

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