The Speaker affirms the importance of exerting maximum efforts to pass election law guaranteeing representation of all people without exclusion.

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri urged the parliamentary blocs to reach consensus over election law and give priority to the supreme interest of the country, pointing to the need for the political blocs to reach an acceptable formula for the election law. He called for everyone to rely on dialogue and peace and avoid the political escalation that will lead to more complexity.
“We make sure that the sensitive articles in the laws have gone through a lot of discussion before voting on them, especially those that have repercussions on the public,” he said during a meeting of heads of political blocs in the Iraqi Council of Representatives.
“Iraq is going through an important stage that requires us to exert utmost efforts to pass the election law and ensure the representation of all without exclusion and enhance the confidence of the Iraqi citizen to meet his demands in reformations,” the speaker said.
The Speaker Media Office

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