The Speaker meets head of the National Alliance

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri, met on Saturday with the head of the National Alliance Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim. They discussed the developments on the security and political levels, the latest developments in the region and the importance of cooperation and communication between the Iraqi parties in order to crystallize common visions according to the new phase- especially now that Iraq is about to end the stage of terrorism and its criminal gangs.
The speaker stressed that Iraq has become an important and active axis in the process of stability of the region and saving the region from the most dangerous organization known to modern history thanks to the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces. He stressed the need for cooperation between the political and national forces to guide the internal Iraqi situation in a manner that ensures the achievement of social justice and equality, and increases the unity and solidarity of the Iraqi people, meeting the challenges with a real collective effort, reconsidering all the standing problems and taking the courage to develop real solutions.
They also discussed the elections, the return of the displaced people, the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism, the importance of helping economic development and achieving the interests of Iraq with all brotherly and friendly countries according to the general interests of the country.
The Speaker Media Office

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