Sheikh Hamoudi stresses need for holding election procedures on time

The head of the Supreme Islamic Council Sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi stressed the importance of completing the procedures and technical requirements for keeping the official time for the elections.
This came during a meeting with the delegation of the National Forces Alliance headed by Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri in his private office today, congratulating the election of Sheikh Hamoudi as the head of the Supreme Islamic Council, expressing his full confidence in his leadership and wise positions and long experience. Sheikh Hamoudi stressed the role of the Council of Representatives in maintaining the unity of Iraq and calling the three presidencies and leaders of blocs and parties within and outside the parliament to hold a meeting to discuss the referendum and its repercussions. The president of the Supreme Council said, “We are not against our Kurdish people, but the timing of the referendum is a grave mistake and its consequences are very severe, and everyone should understand this well.”
The First Deputy Speaker

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