The Speaker, MPs of Iraq Forces Alliance bloc discuss Kurdistan independence referendum

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri met on Sunday MPs of Iraq Forces Alliance bloc. During the meeting, the discussed the latest security and political updates and the security situation of the liberated areas and the need for reconstructing them and ways to provide necessary supplies for the camps.
The conferees agreed on the need to accelerate the return of all displaced persons to their liberated areas, rehabilitate the infrastructure of the cities, provide services to their citizens, pay attention to their living conditions and give their citizens the full opportunity to manage and protect them.
The meeting also tackled the latest developments in the Iraqi scene in light of the current challenges and the importance of coordination with all Iraqi parties to address outstanding issues and ways to resolve all the problems related to the issue of independence referendum of Kurdistan region. The Speaker stressed the need to support dialogue and provide means of understanding, pointing out the importance of doubling efforts to contain the crisis and find appropriate solutions.
The Speaker Media Office

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