COR discusses voting on selecting electoral commissioners

In its 21st plenary session held on Tuesday 19 September, 2017, the COR discussed voting on selecting electoral commissioners.
The session was chaired by H.E. the Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri and attended by 170 MPs.
At the outset of the session, the Speaker stressed the importance of settling the issue of selecting electoral commissioners to be prepared for the upcoming elections, noting that the presidency of the Council is keen to discharge its duties on the selection of members of the Electoral Commission and ready to open up to all ideas and proposals to reach a compromise solution.
The Speaker put forth two options regarding the Electoral Commission; which were either including judges in the membership of the Commission or approving the report of the Committee of Experts as a whole. If both options were rejected, the work of the Independent High Electoral Commission will be extended for the current elections.
The council resorted to a secret voting to choose between the two options, but the disruption of the quorum after the vote of 139 MPs led to the cancellation of the voting process and not to announce the result.
The session was then adjourned to next Monday 25/9/2017.
Media Directorate
The Iraqi Council of Representatives

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