COR extends its current legislative term, votes on two resolutions and finishes reading 3 laws

In its 29th plenary session held on Tuesday October 31, 2017, the COR voted on extending current legislative term for 30 days and two parliamentary resolutions and finished reading 3 laws.

The session was chaired by H.E the Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri and attended by 170 MP.

At the beginning of the session, the Council voted to approve the extension of the current legislative term of the Council of Representatives for 30 days based on the powers granted to the Presidency of the Council in order to follow up on the items of the agenda and the adoption of important laws, including the Federal Budget Law.

The Council voted on a parliamentary resolution that stipulated not allowing the establishment of any security headquarters nor the presence of non-federal forces in the province of Kirkuk and the disputed areas and limiting the maintenance of security to the federal authority exclusively.

The Council also voted on a parliamentary resolution committing the competent authorities to activate the provisions of the legislation in force to criminalize the promotion of the principles of Zionism in the Iraqi communities, including raising the flag of the Zionist entity in the mass rallies.

Then al-Jubouri offered on behalf of the Council warmest condolences to the former Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Shahristani for the death of his wife.

The Committees of Health & Environment and Higher Education mourned the death of Dr. Farhan Baqir, May Allah have mercy on him, who died on 18/10/2017.

The Council voted on the legislative proposal to the third amendment to the Law of Governorates not Organized into Region No. (21) of 2008 submitted by the Legal and Governorates not Organized into Region Committees.

The Council voted not to approve the legislative proposal to amend the Law of Elections of the Council of Representatives No. (45) of 2013, submitted by MP Adnan al-Janabi and a number of MPs.

The COR agreed, in principle, to proceed with the amendment of the law in force for the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives No. 45 of 2013 through the second reading and the abolition of the legislative proposals submitted in this regard.

The Council voted, in principle, on the legislative proposal to amend Personal Status Law No. 188 of 1959, submitted by the Committees of Legal Affairs, Endowments & Religious Affairs, and Women, Family and Childhood.

The council ended the first reading of the legislative proposal of Samarra, capital of Islamic culture.

The Committee of Deportees, Displaced persons and Expatriates readout a report on the return of displaced persons to their areas.

The council completed the first reading of a legislative proposal to draw the stamp of the national campaign for the construction of schools and kindergartens provided by the Education Committee.

Then Adnan al-Asadi read out a statement on the water crisis in Muthanna province.

For his part, the First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi confirmed his contact with the Minister of Water Resources to deal with the water problem, pointing out that the problem is the lack of commitment and imposition of the fait accompli by some and the use of large water pumps to irrigate agricultural areas, stressing the need for a military security decision to implement the law in Governorates where there are excesses on water shares in order to provide water equally to all.

The Council finished reading report and discussion of the legislative proposal to the fourth amendment of the Law of Artists Association No. 129 of 1969 amended and submitted by the Committees of Civil Society Organizations, Culture, Information and Legal Affairs.

The session was then adjourned to next Wednesday 1/11/2017.

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