Sheikh Mohammed to Turkish Ambassador: Turkish government’s assistance to those affected by the earthquake conveys positive and fraternal message

Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammed discussed with the Turkish ambassador to Baghdad Mr. Fatih Yildiz ways to promote and develop bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and reinforce the historical ties and bridges of economic and service cooperation.
Sheikh Mohammed pointed out, “The provision of urgent humanitarian assistance by the Turkish government to the affected areas in the Kurdistan region as a result of the earthquake conveys a positive and brotherly message and provides a gesture of good intentions. We look forward for Turkey to be more supportive to Iraq and play a positive role in resolving the crisis between the region and the center. Sheikh Mohammad noted that “the calm dialogue should prevail in the next stage” and demanded the Turkish ambassador to follow up on the Iraq citizens currently detained in Turkish prisons while considering the possibility of their release.
on his part, Yildiz stressed the continued support of his country to the Iraqi people in all fields, and expressed regret for the aggravation of the problems between Baghdad and Erbil, stressing the efforts of the Turkish government and continuing efforts to stabilize the situation in Iraq, and promised to follow up on the detainees and make efforts for their release.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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