Aram Sheikh Mohammed calls the Speaker to give an opportunity to representatives of the province of Kirkuk to negotiate and consult to solve problems

Aram Sheikh Mohammed, in today’s session of the Council of Representatives, requested a chance and a space of time to be given to representatives of the province of Kirkuk to to negotiate and consult and hold meetings to reach understandings and solutions appropriate to the problems and issues rather than escalating positions. The request was based on the submission of a request from some MPs to present the issue of the dissolution of Kirkuk Governorate Council.
Sheikh Mohammed added in his speech, “Unfortunately there has been a number of requests regarding the issues of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council in Kirkuk which to date have not been submitted to the Council and has not been voted on. So, it is necessary to stay away from escalation and instead resort to dialogic language to calm the situation. We call today the Iraqi Council of Representatives to contribute in creating the suitable atmosphere, giving a chance to representatives of Kirkuk to reach solutions to the problems that the city suffers from.
Aram Sheikh Mohammed, New Zealand Ambassador discuss political and security developments in Iraqi
Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammed discussed with the New Zealand Ambassador to Baghdad Mr. Bradley Saouden the latest political and security developments in Iraqi.
He pointed to in this meeting the need to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries in a way that positively reflected on the crisis between the federal government and the Kurdistan region to solve the problems and outstanding issues through dialogue and peaceful negotiation according to the Constitution, and still hope for a new phase, especially at the end of the reign of the ISIS which demands the efforts of all parties to cooperate in order to stabilize the situation.
On his part, Saouden continued his country’s support for the Iraqi people and the Kurdistan region in all fields commenting that the New Zealand government is following carefully the events and developments in Iraq.
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