The Speaker meets delegation of elders and dignitaries of Salman tribe in Tarmiyah area

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri met on Wednesday a delegation of elders and dignitaries of the Salman tribe in Tarmiyah area. The visiting delegation reviewed the problems that the area faces and ways to find effective solutions.
The speaker added that the next phase requires putting an end to political controversies to preserve the security and stability of the society. He added that Iraqi people have made great efforts to achieve security and stability, and it is time to start the construction process and return the displaced persons to their areas, especially after the elimination of ISIS.
The Speaker explained that the approach followed by some Ministries requires consideration to ease citizens’ burden. The fight against corruption is the responsibility of everyone because it is a national and moral duty that needs to be addressed.
He lauded the tribes’ role and their keenness to foil any attempt to undermine Iraq’s unity through the activation of the community reconciliation project.
For their part, the delegation members expressed their thanks for the Speaker’s efforts to achieve security and stability in all areas of Baghdad, including Tarmiyah.
The Speaker Media Office

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