Sheikh Mohammed confirms: There are issues with the efficacy of the Federal Budget Law 2018, and must be treated by Prime Minister

A meeting was held in the presence of al- Jubouri, Sheikh Humam Hamoudi and the heads of parliamentary blocs and committees in the Constitutional Hall. The Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed confirmed “there are issues with regard to the efficacy of the federal budget law for 2018, and therefore we must communicate with the Prime Minister and hold meetings to resolve the problems and differences”.
Sheikh Mohammed pointed out that the failure to hold parliamentary sessions due to imbalance in the quorum will not be in the interest of the country and give a negative image to the Iraqi people. Concerning the elections of the provincial councils in Kirkuk, all parties need to hold meetings and review the legal provisions and sustain negotiations to reach solutions that satisfy all.
Sheikh Mohammad added, “We support holding the elections on time, but there are obstacles and problems and the concerned parties have to intensify efforts and work hard to remove these obstacles and comply with legislative and legal procedures”.
Deputy Speaker media Office

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