Sheikh Mohammad chairs meeting of Kurdish blocs and PM on federal budget law for 2018

The Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammed chaired a meeting held today in the Constitutional Hall between Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi and the Kurdish blocs. Sheikh Mohammed welcomed the Prime Minister and appreciated his presence at the parliament for two consecutive days and meeting with the Kurdish blocs to discuss the demands of the Kurds in the Federal Budget Law for 2018 and proceed the discussions that began yesterday on the budget law.
During the meeting, the Kurdish MPs discussed with al-Abadi the share of the Kurdistan region of the budget law, also discussed the economic and financial problems and the entitlements of the Peshmerga, and demanded guarantees to pay the salaries of Kurdistan region employees in the federal budget for 2018. They also stressed that the city of Halabja is the fourth province in the region as approved by the Iraqi parliament and there are benefits for this province, and other problems related to the province of Kirkuk.
At the end of the meeting, Sheikh Mohammad stressed the importance of taking into consideration the issue that have been raised by the Kurdish MPs in the meeting today and make the necessary adjustments to reach satisfactory solutions for all parties to pass the federal budget law.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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