Sheikh Hamoudi calls for granting the dues of Basra

The First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi described Basra as “the city of sacrifices and wealth”, and its people “the people of kindness, Jihad and faith,” stressing that “if Basra is not developed, Iraq will not be either, for it is the future of the country,” calling for giving them the benefits of cooperation to make it the economic capital of Iraq. This came during his visit to the province of Basra and meeting with a selection of university deans and professors.
Sheikh Hamoudi pointed out to the province’s internal problems and disputes, and the fact that Iraq is exposed to conspiracies to strike at security and unity. He explained that all these schemes ended in failure thanks to the enthusiasm of the voluntary fighters and youth spirit and its jihadi administration to meet the blessed fatwa.
He pointed out that the voluntary forces represented the rebirth of the Iraqis in a religious spirit of Hussein and proved that the Islamists are who saved Iraq from division and brutality, noting that the enemies after the bloody war will go to a mild war that requires everyone’s awareness and faith.
The Deputy Speaker Media Office

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