Sheikh Mohammed confirms: Insistence on passing federal budget without taking into account rights of Kurds is a clear marginalization and negation of what has been agreed by all parties in the political process

Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammed held today with the Kurdish blocs a press conference criticizing the passage of the federal budget law for 2018 on the basis of the majority present in the session and not to take into account the rights of the Kurdistan region in the budget of salaries of employees and financial allocations to the Peshmerga and reducing the proportion of 17% of the region.
He added that “Kurdish blocs held a series of meetings with the Prime Minister and political blocs with the aim of resolving differences on the budget law, but unfortunately we are surprised today by placing the federal budget law on the agenda while the three presidencies were supposed to hold a meeting before the vote on the federal budget to reach understanding and find satisfactory solutions for everyone”.
Sheikh Mohammed stressed in the press conference that the insistence on passing the budget law in this way is a negation of the agreement of the political blocs, and will inevitably affect the political process and the lives of citizens in the Kurdistan region, and called the international community to intervene and correct the wrong and return to building dialogues to resolve differences.
Deputy Speaker media Office

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