Deputy Speaker follows up ongoing preparations and technical procedures of the Independent Electoral Commission

The Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammad was briefed on the necessary preparations, technical and logistical procedures for IHEC, as well as the preparation of all the necessary inputs for the electoral process scheduled for 12 May, during the field inspection of the members of the Presidency of the Parliament to the headquarters who were received by the Chairman and members of the Board of Commissioners and the Director of the Electoral Service.
Sheikh Mohammed stressed the importance of clarifying the procedures of the Commission for voters in all segments of the society and to inform them of the details of the efforts of the cadres of the Commission, and keep the citizens updated about the developments and modern techniques of the election process and preparations for the electoral stations, and the need to inform the Iraqi voter on the most important details of the work and mechanisms used for counting centers and sorting rooms and operations for the database and modern programs to match the official information and data of voters.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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