During his meeting with President of the Republic, Sheikh Mohammad proposes his project to the upcoming government

The First deputy Speaker and the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi met on Monday the President of the Republic Dr. Fu’ad Masoum. During the meeting, Sheik Hamoudi presented for Mr. President for the first time his political project for the upcoming government in which he reviewed his vision of the next government’s program to avoid repeating the past mistakes.

Sheikh Hamoudi explained that his initiative is based on adopting a governmental program by specialists who will put the citizen’s interest at the top of their priorities and include solutions to the country’s strategic issues, including security, economy, health and education. The government then would be committed to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past governments.

For his part, Mr. President expressed his admiration for Sheikh Muhammad’s initiative and his readiness to support it, stressing the need for Iraq to focus on the key issues that cannot be ignored, and to adopt high standards for the selection of executives in the upcoming government.

The two sides also discussed the issue of the elections and the importance of maintaining its integrity and impartiality. At the same time, Sheikh Hamoudi invited the President to inaugurate the International Conference of Baqirayn to be held on April 7.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office


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