Sheikh Hamoudi stresses need to accelerate the treatment of election violations and calls for “urgent” international intervention on the bombing of the Israeli forces of the voluntary forces

The First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi discussed with the head of the UN mission in Iraq Jan Kubiš the need to address the violations that accompanied the electoral process and the investigation of appeals submitted by candidates, considering this as a prerequisite for the achievement of electoral justice and the foundations of the democratic process in the country.
In another context, Sheikh Hamoudi called on the UN mission and the Security Council to intervene firmly, seriously and urgently about the Israeli air strike against the popular forces stationed near the border area of Iraq – Syria, pointing out, “The bombing gave no doubt that the Israeli forces and ISIS have one common goal” emphasizing that the forces stationed in this region specifically are to confront terrorism, warning of the repercussions of this “blatant” attack.
Mr. Kubiš discussed all the meetings held by the mission with the various political forces and their results, stressing the importance of continuing to consider appeals in the election results and implementing steps to correct and enhance the electoral process, expressing the UN mission’s readiness to support the existing authorities as part of its mandate to move forward. He praised the political process in Iraq, and the initiative of Sheikh Hamoudi in the preparation of the government program and called for his participation in a “workshop” with the committee charged with international experts contributing by giving their opinion and advice and devising a plan to involve all.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office

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