Deputy Speaker urges Germany to support Iraq in its war against terrorism

During his meeting with the Deputy Speaker of the German Parliament Ms. (Claudia Rot), the German ambassador in Baghdad, Eckhard Bruce and a number of senior officials at the embassy, Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammad discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations and develop them in all fields to serve the common interests of the two countries. He underscored the need to continue providing necessary support for Iraq by the international community in the war against ISIS, and to provide urgent humanitarian assistance for the displaced in the Kurdistan Region, and Iraq and facilitate the return of families to their areas liberated

Sheikh Mohammad lauded Germany’s effective role towards humanitarian issues and problems in Iraq and the region, urging it to provide facilities and humanitarian aids to the refugees who fled insecurity and violence in their country.

For her part, Ms. Rot confirmed her country’s determination to support Iraqi armed forces and Peshmerga in Kurdistan in terms of both training and military equipment and that Berlin is following with great concern what is going on in Iraq and the region. She stressed the need for focusing on the humanitarian aids needed by those affected by the military operations against the terrorist organizations.

Deputy Speaker Media Office


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