Sheikh Mohammad: Solidarity of Voluntary Fighters, Tribes and Peshmerga emphasizes true meaning of peaceful coexistence

During the National Conference for the Protection of Peaceful Coexistence, the Prohibition of Hate, and the Fight against Extremism and Terrorism sponsored by the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs, Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammad remarked, “The displacement of millions of people from Anbar province to the Kurdistan Region and the southern governorates of Najaf and Karbala is a clear evidence of the actual and real peaceful coexistence among the components of the Iraqi society”.

He also added that the solidarity of the voluntary fighters, the tribes and Peshmerga in liberating areas from terrorist organizations confirms the peaceful coexistence. He noted that he is Kurdish and cares for all the provinces in the same way without any differentiation and this enhances his belief in the peaceful coexistence.
Deputy Speaker Media Office


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