Sheikh Mohammed confirms to the Korean ambassador ridding Iraq from terrorism is a matter of time

Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammed, at his office today, received the Ambassador of South Korea in Baghdad, Mr. (Sung Wong Jupp) and adviser to the embassy, Mr. Hyun, and discussed a number of issues of common concern starting with the victories of Iraqi troops in the liberation of Mosul, and assisting the displaced in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The two sides also stressed the importance of expanding the cooperation and the development of bilateral relations between the two friendly countries in various fields to serve the common interests between the two countries.
Sheikh Mohammed stressed that ridding Iraq from terrorism is a matter of time, and the progress of military forces and the voluntary forces and the Peshmerga in the liberation of Mosul battles is ongoing, adding “Most of the political parties and national forces have agreed to prepare for the post-Daesh era, and if we can take great steps in the political process, we will have a positive effect stabilizing victories in the field and enhancing the culture of coexistence and civil peace between all the components of the people. ”
The Korean ambassador expressed his happiness for the victories achieved in the Liberation of Mosul, and the country’s desire to expand bilateral cooperation at all levels, pointing to the existence of near future plans in the field of infrastructure, health and education sectors. Mr. Wong Jupp renewed his country’s keenness to support and assist the Iraqi people at this particular stage.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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