Center of Development Studies and Training grants Aram Sheikh Mohammed Shield of innovation and excellence

The Center of Development Studies and Training granted Shield of creativity and excellence and a certificate of appreciation to a member of the Presidium of the Iraqi parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed, in appreciation for his professional role in the legislative institutions and his continued efforts to support the youth and national competencies for development projects in the country. He met with the President of the Center, Dr. Ala Mandalawi and the cadre of university professors (Uhud Sami, Adhraa Ismail, Muwaffaq Abdul Zahra, Ala Faik, Iman Salem, Ibtihaj Abbas, Rajaa Khalil).

Sheikh Mohammed stressed during the meeting the important role of  civil society organizations in the political process and civic life and the  change in the political map after 2003, and the need for the development of modern trends in evaluating the work of civil institutions and activate their role in order to preserve the rights of citizens and to work for the rationalization of government action and correction of the political process, while taking advantage of the democratic experiments in the developed countries and further efforts to enact laws that serve the work of non-governmental civil institutions.

The members of the delegation expressed deep happiness to meet the speaker as a national figure and a professional, and the Head of Delegation Ala Mandalawi demonstrated the tasks and activities of the Development Center for Studies and Training seminars and conferences pertaining to the educational side, diagnosing the problems and obstacles facing the scientific process and the announced their intention to hold a conference to discuss the  development of the educational curriculum and the emphasis on expanding the circle of knowledge and benefit from research and studies.

Deputy Speaker media Office


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