Aram Sheikh Mohammed affirms to the UN delegation that addressing the political issues at hand will pave the way for the settlement of the problems of the post-terrorist ISIS era.


Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Aram Sheikh Mohammed, during a meeting today in Sulaymaniyah office of the House of Representatives with Mr. George Posten, Vice President of the United Nations Mission stressed that addressing the political issues at the present time will pave the way for the settlement of the problems of the post-Daesh era.

During the meeting, Posten reported that the aim of his visit is to listen to the point of view of the Deputy Speaker of the Council as a national and influential figure in the political arena in Iraq and the Kurdistan region. They discussed the situation searching for a suitable ground for the settlement process and national reconciliation initiation. Posten said that he would brief the head of the mission on the results of the visit and is now in New York to present his report and the latest developments taking place in Iraq and the region and events to the international community

Sheikh Mohammed pointed to an important issue, saying, “In spite of the differences in the Iraqi scene the important thing is the common ground between all parties, and through it we can accelerate solving problems and achieving a settlement and reconciliation by taking back the displaced people to their liberated areas and root out terrorism and extremism from the roots.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament added, “If we can achieve a settlement and create stability in the political process, we will ensure the achievement of reconciliation and move forward to resolve the post-liberation problems.”

Regarding the problems and outstanding issues between the provinces and the capital, Sheikh Mohammed, explained that these problems have become chronic diseases and the parties could not find solutions or reach consensus, and resolving this crisis needs a suitable ground and atmosphere among the political parties in the region and Iraq, with a clear serious vision and a serious adhering the principle of true partnership in governance and political decision making without discrimination and exclusion of others in Baghdad and Erbil.

George Posten expressed his concern about the political situation in Kurdistan saying delegation is following keenly the political and economic developments, stressing the continued support and assistance to find appropriate solutions to those problems and end the suffering of the citizens of the region.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Speaker praised the role of the United Nations in providing urgent humanitarian assistance for displaced people in Iraq and Kurdistan.


Deputy Speaker media Office


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