The Speaker urges tribesmen to thwart sedition

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri headed on Thursday an important meeting held by the Tribes Committee on managing the consequences of terrorist attacks.
The meeting was organized by the Chairman of the Tribes Committee Sheikh Abboud al-Isawi and attended by its members in addition to a number of Sheikhs and dignitaries of Iraqi tribes.
Al-jubouri remarked that some parties aim at dragging Iraq into conflicts and sectarian turmoil therefore we depend on the Sheikhs and dignitaries of Iraqi tribes to foil these attempts.
He added “ the meeting draws its importance from the status of the personalities involved, the difficult situation we are going through at this stage, as well as from the next stage, which is not yet clear”, highlighting that “the COR relies heavily on the outcomes of this meeting”.
He stressed that “whatever will be agreed upon at the meeting will be presented to the Council of Representatives and will result in important decisions”.
The Speaker Media Office

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