Sheikh Mohammad calls the government to compensate those affected by recent events in Tuzhurmato

Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammad met in his office the Kaymakam of Tuzhurmato district Mr. Shallal Abdool and Member of the Salahuddin provincial Council Mr. Hassan Karimiani. During the meeting, they discussed means to address the problems of the districts and the possibility of compensating those affected by recent events in Tuzhurmato despite the COR’s decision concerning compensations.
Sheikh Mohammad confirmed that the issue of compensation of the victims of the district of Tuzkhurmato will be presented today at the meeting of the three presidencies, and the Parliament will push the government to implement the parliament’s decision and thus taking a step towards achieving full reconciliation among all components. He also stressed the need to provide the necessary services and to work to complete the projects that are scheduled to be implemented in the district of Tuzkhurmatu.
For his part, Mr. Abdul Rahman and Mr. Karamani lauded Sheikh Mohammad’s efforts and his positive role in following up the affairs of the citizens, resolving their daily issues and alleviating their suffering.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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