Sheikh Hamoudi: We will deter extremism by enacting law criminalizing sectarianism


The First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi asks the “Shiite and Sunni” Endowment Offices to qualify their speakers through development courses that rationalize the religious discourse promoting national unity and social peace, considering it one of the priorities of the post-victory era.

This came during a meeting with the head of Rabat Al-Mohammadi to the families of the honorable gentlemen Mr. Abdelkader Alousi, and the President of the Municipal Council of Haditha in Ramadi, Mr. Ibrahim Alusi, today in his office.

Dr. Hamoudi stressed the importance of an observatory active role for the Committee of Religious Endowments Offices and Religious Affairs in this area, warning at the same time that any extremist speech will be deterred by the law which will criminalize sectarianism, in order to protect the Iraqi people.

After listening to the demands of the delegation, Sheikh Hamoudi called for immediate contacts with the Ministries of Housing and Youth and Sports to provide assistance in reopening a vital bridge to transport goods and food commodities to the people of the region and to provide appropriate care for the youth.
The visiting delegation appreciated the continuous follow-up of Sheikh Hamoudi regarding their needs and demands, in addition to his role in the society.


The First Deputy Speaker Media Office


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