The Speaker visits Counter Terrorism Service center

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri visited on Wednesday the headquarters of the Counter Terrorism Service in Baghdad, where he met a number of officers. During the meeting, they discussed the security situation and security plans aimed at liberating the rest of ISIS captured areas.
The Speaker stressed the importance of learning from the past mistakes and investing in the victories that were achieved by the security forces, emphasizing the need to liberate the rest of ISIS controlled areas.
He highlighted the necessity of taking measures to spare civilians’ lives and property and keep them safe from military attacks and to ensure the exit of innocent people who are still trapped.
Al-Jubouri urged the political parties to devote the greatest attention to the issue of the IDPs, the achievement of civil peace and reconstruction of the liberated and to work together to achieve the goals of national reconciliation.
The Speaker lauded the great sacrifices made by the security forces and confirmed the parliament’s keenness to ensure the rights of the fighters and all those who participated in achieving security and stability in the country.
The Speaker Media Office

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