COR votes to end its grilling of acting Trade Minister, finishes reading 4 laws

In its 14th ordinary plenary session of the first legislative term – fourth legislative year held on Thursday August 17, 2017 the COR voted convinced of acting Minister of Trade’s answers, voted on a law and a parliamentary resolution and finished reading 4 laws
The session was chaired by H.E. the Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri and attended by 202 MPs.
At the outset of the session, al-Jubouri announced the continuation of the works of the Council of Representatives to the 24th of this month and the cease of granting parliamentary leaves to MPs in order to pass some important laws, including the provincial elections law.
The COR voted convinced of the answers of the Minister of Planning and the acting Trade Minister Mr. Salman al-Jumaili. Out of 202 members of parliament, 104 voted that they were convinced by Jumali’s answers in Tuesday’s session.
The Council voted on legislative proposal for the 20th amendment of the Law of Fixed-Term Employment No. 25 of 1960, submitted by the Higher Education and Scientific Research Committee.
The COR voted on a parliamentary resolution submitted by the Legal Committee to o allow the return of the displaced persons of Al-Baaj and its adjacent towns and villages, and the of Tal Abelta and Kairouan and the adjacent villages to return to their areas.
The COR voted in principle on sending the legislative proposal for Health Insurance law to the government based on a request made by the committees of Health & Environment and Labor & Social Affairs.
Concerning the grilling of the Minister of Agriculture Mr.Falah Hasan Zeidan based on a request made by M Zeinab A-Taee, the Speaker stressed that a number of MPs withdrew their signatures which consequently disrupted quorum for interpellation.
Al- Jubouri said that Ms. Zeinab al-Taie later submitted a request signed by 25 MPs which will be dealt with according to the approved contexts in order to set a date to question the Minister of Agriculture.
On a different note, the COR finished the first reading of the legislative proposal for the first amendment to the Law of the Ministry of Electricity No. (53) of 2017 submitted by the Committee of Oil, Energy and Natural Resources.
The Council completed the first reading of the legislative proposal for the first amendment to the Regulation of Human Organ Transplantation No. 11 of 2017 submitted by Committees of Health & Environment, Legal Affairs, Endowments, Religious Affairs and Human Rights.
The Council completed reading report and discussion of legislative proposal to commemorate the sacrifices of martyrs in the war against ISIS, and to take care of the wounds, submitted by the Committee of Martyrs, Victims and Political Prisoners.
The Council completed reading report and discussion of the legislative proposal for the ratification of the signed agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the International Committee of the Red Cross, submitted by the Committee of Foreign Relations.
The session was then adjourned to next Saturday 19/8/2017.
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Iraqi Council of Representatives

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