The Speaker calls on concerned parties to pay more attention to creative youth in order to create a conscious generation who serve their country

The Speaker Dr. Saleem Al-Jubouri received on Tuesday the Al-Ghad Orient Foundation for the Care of Orphans. The speaker affirmed that the welfare of the youth is part of our responsibility and our humanitarian commitment. The COR is keen to provide all kinds of support and care for this important group who lost their families due to war and terrorism. He added that there is blind terrorism that slaughters people and there are those sacrificing for the security and stability of his country to enemies who know nothing but killing and destruction. He pointed out that the challenges are great, but every action begins with a step. He pointed out the government owes this class and that our work today is proof that we are victors. It is a response to terrorism and murder because the Iraqi people are a benevolent people that cannot be humiliated or broken.
The Speaker Media Office

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