The Speaker confirms: The COR is open to all positive initiatives

During a speech at the International Peace Day held on Wednesday in the Council of Representatives, the Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri stressed the serious responsibility of intellectuals and decision-makers and their role in raising awareness and enlightenment in conflicted countries. The speaker added that what brings the world’s nations together today is more than what divide them. They are united in the face of terrorism, ignorance and disease and are integrated within the framework established by the international organization and human rights conventions.
The Speaker stressed that some irresponsible and influential parties are wasting the energies of the people on imaginary issues and fabricated disputes fueling division and separation. He pointed out that integration is becoming an urgent necessity, but in light of the increasing challenges facing the world, it is necessary to deal with this issue with a new realistic perspective. He stressed that the Parliament due to its commitment to solidarity, will always be open to all positive initiatives because of the belief in the inevitability of the common destiny and common denominators among the sons of one nation.
The Speaker Media Office

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