The Speaker confirms that the Iraqis collaborate in the reconstruction of what was destroyed by terrorism

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri said that the sons of Iraq have sacrificed their pure blood and possessions to be a wall that prevents terrorism from infiltrating into the neighboring countries.
During a ceremony held by the Saudi Arabian embassy in Baghdad on the occasion of the national day, the Speaker said that Iraqis are taking a serious step in reconstructing what has been destroyed by terrorism. Al-Jubouri pointed out that the fight against terrorist ideology is the fiercest battle that we must tackle with one hand, one heart and one will. This will only be achieved through an Arab-Islamic program to diagnose the causes of terrorism and its cures.
The speaker affirmed that Saudi Arabia was able, with its wisdom, to unite the Arab and Islamic position, protect its institutions and enable it to fulfill its role bound by the duty of belonging to the Arab and Islamic nations.
The Speaker Media Office

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