The Speaker visits Ministry of Defense

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri said on Tuesday that the Ministry of Defense and its fighters were able to achieve what the most powerful armies of the world did not achieve, because they were trained in the battlefield and their weapon was faith in God. “ with the help of Allah, the last terrorist on our pure lands stretching from Zakho to Faw and from Mandali to Qaim Kamel will be eliminated,” the speaker said during a visit to the Defense Ministry. “The Iraqi soil was baptized by the blood of innocent martyrs who gave their lives for the unity of Iraq and its sovereignty and pride and glory.”
The Speaker said that the Council of Representatives supports finding a way out of the crisis after the referendum that was held in the Kurdistan region, stressing that continuation of this crisis will have serious repercussions on Iraq and will hit the political process with chronic disability that may lead to tearing up the homeland and fragmenting it and reducing it with weak cantons that do not express Iraq.
The Speaker Media Office

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