COR finishes reading Central Bank law, votes on formation of Tribal Conflicts Committee

In its 19th plenary session held on Saturday 16 September, 2017, the COR finished reading one law and voted on the Committee of Tribal Conflicts.

The session was chaired by H.E the Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri and attended by 173 MPs.

At the beginning of the session, the Council voted on candidates for the Tribal Conflicts Committee members in the Governor of Basra, which included MPs Jabbar Abadi, Amer Khuzaie, Amer al-Fayez, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, Safaa Al-Ghanim, Mazin Al-Mazni, Jamal Al-Mahmoudawi and Tawfiq Al-Kaabi.

The council adjourned the vote on the candidates for the investigative committee members concerning the kidnapped to the next Monday session.

The Council voted on the recommendations made by the Committees of Civil Society Organizations, Finance, Regions and governorates not organized into a Region and Services and Reconstruction after hosting the governor of Baghdad and members of the provincial council.

MP Ahmed Taha then read out a statement on behalf of the Representatives of the provinces of Dhi Qar and Basra, condemning the terrorist crime that targeted innocent civilians in the city of Nasiriyah.

MP Mona Gharabi read out a statement condemning the treacherous terrorist attack that targeted Dhi Qar province.

The MPs read al-Fatiha for the soul of the martyrs of the Dhi Qar terrorist attack.

MP Abdul Rahim al-Shammari read a statement on the suspension of salaries of employees of the province of Nineveh under the pretext of a security audit.

The Council finished the reading report and discussion of the legislative proposal for the second amendment to the law of the Central Bank of Iraq Order No. (56) for 2004 issued by the dissolved Coalition Provisional Authority and submitted by the Committees of Finance and Economy and Investment.

The session was then adjourned to next Monday 18/9/2017.

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