COR votes on Parliamentary decision, hosts Prime Minister in its upcoming session

In its 22nd plenary session held on Monday, September 25, 2017, the COR voted on a parliamentary decision concerning the independence referendum of Kurdistan region.
The session was chaired by H.E the Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri and attended by 182 MPs.
At the beginning of the session, the Speaker mentioned the lessons that are learned from the new Hijri year and from the memory of Ashura during the month of Muharram al-Haram, which witnessed the revolution of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) who rose up against injustice in defense of the truth and to compel the oppressor.
Al-Jubouri stressed that despite Baghdad’s unwavering insistence to prevent the establishment of the referendum in Kurdistan, the region held the referendum and violated the Iraqi Constitution.
He called on the government to take all necessary measures to protect the unity of Iraq, saying that the referendum will have a significant impact on the political process, stressing the keenness of the Council of Representatives on keeping Kurdistan region part of Iraq and urged Kurdish people not to be affected by decisions that might lead to crisis.
The Council discussed the political repercussions of the independence referendum of Kurdistan region.
The Council voted on a parliamentary resolution concerning the referendum.
al-Jubouri then instructed to redraft the paragraphs of the resolution, whose content was voted on, confirming the participation of PM Dr. Haidar Abadi in the next Wednesday session.
The Council voted on a resolution submitted by the Education Committee in coordination with the Ministry of Education which stipulated granting third form students the opportunity to perform third round exam and to the sixth form baccalaureate students to improve their grading.
The Council voted on a decision submitted by the Higher Education and Scientific Research Committee, which stipulated the cancellation of the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research that prevented the hosts for 2016-2017 from transferring to the universities near their residence on par with other students.
It also voted on the members of the investigative committee.
The session was then adjourned to next Wednesday 27/9/2017.
Media Directorate
Iraqi Council of Representatives

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