Sheikh Hamoudi regrets al- Jubouri visit to Erbil and considers it “personal” and “disappointing”

The First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Dr. Hamoudi considered the visit of the Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri to Erbil in order to meet Mr. Masood Barzani “personal” and disappointing and has nothing to do with the presidency of the Parliament, stressing that he “warned” Jubouri from going there. Sheikh Hamoudi said in a press statement that the visit of Mr. Jubouri to Erbil is going against the direction of the Council of Representatives that voted on several resolutions against the leaders of the Kurdistan region because of the “disastrous” referendum, noting that the visit does not change the convictions of “Barzani”. The solution to the crisis comes only after “the cancellation of the results of the referendum, and adherence to the Constitution, and decisions of the Federal Court First”.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office

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