COR finishes reading 2 laws and commemorates the constitution day

In its 26th plenary session held on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, the COR finished reading two legislative proposals.
The session was chaired by H.E the Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri and attended by 172 MPs.

At the beginning of the session, the Speaker recalled the 12th anniversary of the constitutional referendum, pointing to its coinciding with the promotion of the rule of law in more than one area, especially in Kirkuk, a symbol of Iraqi diversity and harmony.

The Council voted not to approve the proposal to amend the law of the Independent High Electoral Commission (No. 11/2007) submitted by the Legal Committee.

The Speaker announced holding a meeting of the Presidency board with the heads of parliamentary blocs and the Committee of Experts to select the members of the Independent High Electoral Commission.

The Council finished reading and discussion of the legislative proposal for Appeal in favor of the law in the provisions and decisions of real estate property submitted by the Committees of Legal Affairs, Agriculture, Water & Marshes, and Finance, and Deported and Displaced Persons.

The Council finished reading report and discussion of the legislative proposal for the Accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Grain Trade Convention of 1995 submitted by the Committees of Foreign Relations, Economy & Investment, Legal Affairs, and Agriculture, Water and Marshlands.

MP Salah al-Jubouri read out a statement on behalf of the Coalition of Iraqi Forces on the occasion of the restoration of federal government authority over Kirkuk, Diyala and Salahuddin.
The session was then adjourned to next Thursday 19/10/2017.
Media Directorate
Iraqi Council of Representatives

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