The Speaker meets delegation of Kurdistan Democratic Party

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri received on Wednesday a delegation including a number of MPs of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. During the meeting, they reviewed the political and security situations in the country and the region, and the efforts of the political parties to resolve the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, and the issue of Kirkuk and other disputed areas. The Speaker called for initiating constructive dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve outstanding issues and to open a new chapter of relations between Baghdad and the Region.
He added that the national partnership commits all components to abide by the Constitution and the authority of the state and that going against them will not benefit any party that had a prominent role in strengthening the foundations of democracy in the country. He called on the MPs of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan to participate in parliamentary sessions and take their legislative role on par with their colleagues from the other blocs.
The Speaker stressed the importance of preserving the unity of the country and not to jeopardize its security and stability, calling for maintaining security in Kirkuk and share the administration of the governorate among its components without exclusion or marginalization.
For their part, the delegation members lauded the Speaker’s efforts to contain the crises and bring the views of the parties closer together in a way that would guarantee the unity and stability of the country.
The Speaker Media Office

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