Sheikh Hamoudi: Security violations are aimed at postponing elections and causing chaos

The First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi considered the bombing of the Tayran Square in Baghdad today as a terrorist message aiming at postponing the elections and bringing the country into a constitutional vacuum.
His speech was delivered during a meeting with the Ambassador of Czech Republic to Iraq, Mr. Jan Vijetal.
Sheikh Hamoudi said that the country is at its best after liberating all its cities from the terrorists and this does not go with the directions of the enemies calling for spreading violence. He said that the elections will be unique because of the “great victory”. He requested to be prepared for the elections from the point of “Security and judicial” aspects especially that its success will draw a new political map in Iraq.
Sheikh Hamoudi called for speeding up the opening of a direct air line between Iraq and the Czech Republic to facilitate the trade and tourism, pointing out the importance of opening cooperation in investment, health and industry, developing parliamentary and government relations and activating the friendship committees between the two countries. The Czech ambassador also announced that a delegation from his country, including the Minister of Commerce and Undersecretary of Defense, will visit Iraq to coordinate bilateral efforts in related fields.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office

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